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PTFE Package Challenges Ceramic BGAs

HyperBGA, a PTFE-based, coreless semiconductor package, allows silicon devices to run at speeds surpassing 12 Gb/s. The package, a combination of low-loss, low-dielectric-constant material and strip line cross sections, exhibits the dimensional stability of a copper-invar-copper center plane. Reportedly, it provides a long field life, with none of the BGA wear out, die cracking, delamination, or flip chip bump fatigue of ceramic and other packages. Available as a single-chip module or SiP, HyperBGA assembly employs standard SMT processes and materials, making columns or land grid array sockets unnecessary. For more information, contact Theresa Taro at ENDICOTT INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Endicott, NY. (866) 820-4820.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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