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PWM Servo Amp/Controller Delivers Four Quadrant Control

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Capable of operating as a position, velocity, or force/torque mode amplifier and controller, the VCA 100 module is designed for use with the company’s linear and rotary voice-coil actuators. The DSP-based PWM servo amplifier/controller is configurable via a RS-232/-485 port and is capable of stand-alone operation or four-quadrant integration when connected to a PC-based motion system. The unit operates from an 18V to 50V supply over a 0°C to 50°C temperature range and can handle 5A continuously and 10A peak. Position range is 32 bits and velocity and acceleration ranges are each 24 bits. Other features include a variable servo rate up to 5 kHz, user-programmable S-curve and trapezoid motion, pre-emptive multitasking command interpreter, and the ability to accept both analog and digital feedback. In a package measuring 193 x 93.2 x 31 mm—including mounting tabs—the module costs $1,000 each. For more details, contact BEI KIMCO MAGNETICS DIV., San Marcos, CA. (800) 572-7560.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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