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Quad Core HD Audio Processor An Industry First

wolf-AThe WM5110 from Wolfson Microsystems is claimed as the industry's first quad core HD audio processor SoC. With an advanced DSP feature set, this SoC is expected to set a new standard for mobile audio processors in smart phones, tablet computers and portable multimedia devices. The chip provides a 110 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 600 MIPS of processing power, while requiring just 3 mW DAC-to-headphone power consumption. Complete with its own SDK, the processor has enough MIPS and memory to run Wolfson's suite of sound enhancing and noise reduction software, customer's own softwaare, or third party software. The processor also features earpiece and stereo headphone Ambient Noise Cancellation, Accustic Echo Cancellation, and both transmit-path and receive-path noise reduction, resulting in 32 dB and 20 dB noise reduction respectively. These features combine to provide a reduction in background noise of up to 90%. Additional features include wideband voice, multi-microphone beamforming, and wind-noise suppression. The WM5110 audio processor is available for limited sampling now in a W-CSP package.


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