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Quad MAC DSP Handle Hi Def Audio

Quad MAC DSP Handle Hi Def Audio

Tensilica's HiFi3 audio DSP targets home entertainment applications. The dual 24-/32-bit architecture delivers high performance post processing and voice processing algorithms. It is based on the 32-bit Xtensa LX architecture with a 3 issue instruction decode. The unified 16-entry, 64-bit register file is fed by a 64-bit load/store unit. The quad 24- by 24-bit MAC is configurable as dual 32x32 MAC. HiFi 3 has enough horsepower to support DTS-HD Master Audio for Blu-ray Disc.

The chip is software compatible with Tensilica's HiFi 2 and EP codecs. It provides a 1.8x improvement for FFT, FIR, and IIR algorithms and a 1.5x improvement for voice codecs. The chip is programmed using standard 32-bit C code and the compiler provides auto vectorization for SIMD instructions. Tensilica provides C++ overloading of HiFi 3 data types. Tensilica provides over 90 codecs with voice/noise reduction optimizations and direct support for ITU intrinsics.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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