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RALCWI Vocoder Handles Wired/Wireless Designs

A half-duplex RALCWI (Robust Advanced Low Complexity Waveform Interpolation) vocoder, the CMX618 suits both wireless and wireline voice applications such as voice scramblers, alarm systems, military field applications, and digital professional/leisure 2-way radios. The result of co-operation between the company and SPIRIT DSP, the RALCWI technology employs proprietary signal decomposition and parameter encoding methods to ensure speech quality at high compression rates. The vocoder offers near toll-quality performance at low bit rates, with independent MOS scores indicating that the device generates sound quality comparable with a standard codec running at bit rates above 4 kb/s. The CMX618 integrates a voice audio codec, offering a complete analog voice to low-bit-rate vocoder data function. It employs three programmable vocoding rates: 2,050, 2,400, or 2,700 bits/s. Paired with the embedded FEC, it provides an overall bit rate of 3.6 kb/s. Frame length is selectable from 20, 40, or 60 ms without FEC, 60 or 80 ms with FEC protected frames. Also available, the CMX608 vocoder option comes without the audio codec. CML MICROCIRCUITS INC., Winston-Salem, NC. (336) 744-5050.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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