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Receiver Chipset Shrinks And Improves Base Stations

Wireless operators can reduce the cost and size of a base station receiver while maintaining or improving the quality of service for many wireless systems, it's claimed, when using this multi-carrier receiver chipset consisting of the CLC5902, a two-channel digital downconverter, and the CLC5958, a 14-bit, 52-MSPS A/D converter. The receiver chipset is said to reduce the analog receive channel circuitry needed in a base station, while improving the ability to add channels, change standards, and enhance features. The CLC5902 is a two-channel digital downconverter with 100 dB of dynamic range. It provides programmable digital tuning, filtering and decimation based on hard-wired DSP technology and it outputs digital I/O signals in a range of formats compatible with popular programmable DSPs.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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