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Remote Data Collection Becomes Simplified

Texas Instruments and SPIRIT-DSP have announced the availability of a flexible, low-power DSP-based solution. It is optimized for remote data collection and applications requiring a telephony coprocessor or voiceband processor. It is the first of its kind to operate as a "toolbox" solution, delivering 14 resident algorithms in ROM and up to 40 kW of RAM.

The TMS320C54CST Version 2.0 (C54CST) solution is ideal for customers who are developing remote-data-collection applications that integrate specialized functions using DSP peripherals. Such functions could include industrial control or voice functionality. Essentially, this solution could be used to send data from a field location to a central location. A host processor can even connect to the C54CST and easily run any of the 14 resident telephony, voice, or data algorithms.

The C54CST DSP has the ability to run up to four channels as a voiceband processor. As a result, device manufacturers can build small, customer-premises networking equipment that is capable of handling multiple channels of voice streams. By using a single device to run more than one channel, the customer eliminates the need for a large central piece of office equipment. Plus, the connection is made easily through the host port interface (HPI). The algorithms needed for remote data collection, telephony, and voiceband processing are included on chip for no additional fee.

The solution can function as a chip set controlled by a host processor through AT commands sent via the UART interface. It can also be used as a FLEX chip set. It is then programmed to perform customer user functions that take advantage of the optimized ROM contents.

C54CST offers all 14 eXpressDSP-compliant algorithms in ROM and is capable of interfacing to industry-standard data access arrangement (DAA). The resident algorithms include four data, four telephony, and six voice algorithms. Additional off-chip algorithms are available from SPIRIT-DSP. Examples include G3 Fax, G.723.1, G.729AB vocoders, and T.38.

In addition to the software, the C54CST solution integrates the POTS interface for telephony applications, two McBSPs, two timers, the UART, and an HPI. This level of integration translates into significant savings in terms of power and size. The C54CST operates under 50 mW of power. It is available today in a 12-×-12-mm package. In unit quantities of 10,000, it is priced at $7.50.

Texas Instruments, Inc.
12500 TI Blvd., Dallas TX 75243; (800) 336-5236, www.ti.com.

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