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RISC µCs Have 256 KB On-Chip Flash

SH7044 and SH7045 32-bit RISC microcontrollers with 256 KB on-chip flash are members of firm's SH-2 series of SuperH RISC engine processors that double the amount of on-chip non-volatile memory. The µCs have a powerful multiplier/accumulator unit that speeds the processing of DSP algorithms for computation-intensive applications. CPU performance is 28.7 MIPS at 5V and 28.7 MHz, or 16.6 MIPS at 3.3V and 16.6 MHz. A 5-channel multi-function timer generates three-phase PWM outputs and a 2-channel compare/match timer provides control system versatility. Other on-chip peripherals include a 10-bit, 8-channel ADC, 4-channel DMA controller, SRAM/Fast-Page DRAM controller, user break controller, interrupt controller, watchdog timer, clock pulse generator with PLL, and a 2-channel serial communications interface. Sleep and standby modes reduce power dissipation.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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