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RISC/DSP Microcontrollers Target High-Speed Processing

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Targeting applications that require high-speed processing of both digital and analog signals, the GMS30C22 16/32-bit microcontroller family is based on a hybrid RISC/DSP architecture licensed from Hyperstone Electronics. The architecture features an E1-32X design that combines a 32-bit RISC core with a 16/32-bit fixed point DSP unit. This design is said to provide a single programming model and utilizes a fully integrated instruction set to simplify the development process. Other features include 8 KB of on-chip DRAM running at CPU clock speed, an on-chip DRAM controller, software programmable PLL, 32-bit timer, three serial I/O lines, interrupt controller, and a 16/32-bit bus interface addressing 4 GB of memory space. The devices are currently available and are priced from $12 to $14 each in sample quantities.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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