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RTOS Controls Dual-Core DSP

Coming up with a 750-mhz dual-core blackfin digital signal processor (DSP) is no easy task. But Analog Devices was forward-looking enough to partner with Express Logic to develop a real-time operating system (RTOS) for this symmetrical multiprocessor (SMP) system. ThreadX runs on both DSP processors, which are linked by a common memory bus.

ThreadX is well known as a compact RTOS. Its footprint can be as small as 2.5 kbytes of RAM. It has a fast response time with flexible memory management. Also, ThreadX offers a simple set of application programming interfaces (APIs) with advanced features like priority inheritance and fast timer management. It's delivered in C and assembler source.

Optional modules like FileX, NetX, and PegX support it as well. PegX is a graphical interface typically used on non-DSP platforms.

Express Logic Inc.

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