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RTOS Fortifies MSC8102 DSP

Designed for Motorola's MSC8102 DSP, the OSEck real-time kernel and Illuminator development tools team up with Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Development Studio for developing and hosting distributed multiprocessor applications. OSEck is described as a pre-emptive, real-time kernel with built-in error handling optimized for embedded applications with tight space constraints. It requires as little as 10 KB of memory and is event driven, said to result in fast, deterministic responses to time-critical events. Other features include the ability for multiple cores to share the same execution image and applications to share the same data, as well as the ability for application processes to share signal pools in memory that is accessible to each core. The OSE Illuminator is a run-mode system analysis and profiling tool that provides a graphical view of process information running on each node. Users can monitor, control and collect data for applications and view them as a sequence of events, debug multiple cores simultaneously, set breakpoints on events, and profile core performance and memory usage. Price for a complete development seat, including tools, starts at $25,000. ENEA EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY, San Diego, CA. (858)-720-9511.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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