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Servopneumatic Linear-Motion System Offers Precise And Repeatable Positioning

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Offered as the first servopneumatic linear-motion system to provide accurate and repeatable positioning at multiple programmed points, the PrecisionAire system can stop at programmed points to ±0.01" in stroke lengths up to 18'. Capable of speeds up to 100" per second, the unit's accuracy and repeatability are said to be unaffected by changes in load, line contamination, minor pressure changes, stroke length, or vertical/horizontal orientation. The system includes a DSP-based controller, a 1" or 1.5" bore BC3 band cylinder for guided pneumatic thrust, a Rheonetic proportional brake, rotary encoder, and a standard on/off pneumatic valve. Sizing, selection and CAD files are available on the company's website, free of charge.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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