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SHARCs Double Performance

More than doubling performance over previous generations, Analog Device, Inc.’s fourth-generation SHARC family claims position as the industry’s highest-performance floating-point DSPs. Five additions include the 21469 for industrial and instrumentation, 21469W, 21465W, and 21462W for automotive audio, and the 21467 for home theater. All rely on a single-instruction multiple-data core that supports 32-bit fixed-point as well as 32-/40-bit floating-point arithmetic formats.

Additional performance boosts include a 60% increase of SRAM up to 5 Mb and a variable-instruction-set architecture that allows a reduction in instruction-code size, freeing up as much as 30% of the memory space for application code. Samples of the five SHARC processors will be available the first quarter of 2009.

Analog Devices

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