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Small DSP Integrates Voice Technology

Described as the mobile communications market's smallest single-chip DSP, the BelaSigna 200 integrates the company's voice intelligibility processor (VIP) and noise reduction technology into a low-power DSP from Dspfactory. The VIP plus noise reduction suppresses in-channel noise for receive or transmit voice paths and provides voice clarity and intelligibility improvements in mobile communication products operating in noisy environments. The device brings speech enhancement, noise reduction, dynamic range compression, music and speech compression, speech recognition and synthesis, and echo cancellation functions to products and systems. Operating from a 1.2V to 1.8V supply, the DSP delivers up to 200 MIPS at 33 MHz while consuming 0.05 mW/MIPS. Other features of the device include a dual-Harvard 16-bit DSP core, filter bank coprocessor, 8 Kwords of data RAM and 12 Kwords program RAM, dual-channel, 16-bit sigma-delta a/d and d/a converters with integrated programmable amplifiers, attenuators and filters, a sampling rate up to 60 kHz, and six low-speed analog inputs. The device also provides on-chip power management, a programmable oscillator, and a variety of digital interfaces. SRS LABS INC., Santa Ana, CA. (949) 442-1070.

Company: SRS LABS INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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