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Smart-Meter SoC Combines Metrology With Security

Smart-Meter SoC Combines Metrology With Security

Zeus_AThe Zeus platform of devices from Maxim are complete smart-meter SoCs that contain three computing cores: a 32-bit fixed-point DSP compute engine, a 32-bit MAXQ30 processor dedicated to sensitive metrology tasks, and a robust ARM Cortex-M3 for advanced communication protocols. A built-in cryptographic module secures communication, a secure bootloader prevents unauthorized firmware modification, and tamper detection assures providers that any attempts to physically attack the meter will be detected, recorded, and reported. No code fault or hardware failure on the ARM core or its associated logic can interrupt or affect the accumulation and recording of energy by the compute engine and the MAXQ30 processor. ADC channels each run at 10 ksps, offering 0.1% accuracy over a 5,000:1 dynamic range. Designed with an eye toward integration and security protection for the smart grid, Zeus provides meter manufacturers with a platform for development in many end markets. The Zeus platform of energy metering devices includes the MAX71616, MAX71617, MAX71636, and MAX71637.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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