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SOC Test System Breaks 1-Gbps Barrier

The Catalyst Tiger is a new 1024-pin /1.6-Gbps SOC test system. It showcases Bluetooth wireless device testing with MicroWave6000 instrumentation suite designed for the high growth cellular phone market and new wireless communications standards. The Zero Time DSP architecture enables Tiger to easily handle quad and octal site tests for new one-chip/one-product SOC devices. The Catalyst SOCs test DSL, set-top box, DVD, cellular, graphics, LAN, power management, PRML, and microwave devices. Catalyst Digital is available from 25 MHz to 1600 Mbps I/O and from 16 to 1024 pins to match wide device needs and parallel test configurations. Catalyst Tiger is an extension of the Catalyst family for high performance, high pin count, or high parallel site count applications. SiGe technology provides high data rate, full I/O, and timing changes on the fly at top speed required for chipset, networking, and disk SOC devices.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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