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Direct process-to-process message passing is the hallmark of OSE Systems' RTOS. Its namesake support for processor architectures extends down to the Atmel AVR and scales up to high-end ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS processors. OSE's transparent, interprocessor message-passing system makes the design of distributed, heterogeneous systems much simpler than employing a higher-level protocol system, such as TCP/IP. While OSE works with standard networking protocols, the message-passing system is typically the one employed for interprocess communication. The OSE Gateway support extends this type of message-passing link to other operating systems like Linux, VxWorks, Solaris, and Windows.

OSE's architecture becomes more powerful as the capacity of an instrument is exploited. Memory management units (MMUs) allow processes to be grouped into blocks and segments for protection against rogue or errant applications. Combined with transparent message passing, automatic error handling, and process supervision, the OSE RTOS provides a significant platform for applications that require high reliability. Dynamic reconfiguration makes system design much easier.

While the addition of features increases the RTOS footprint, adding more standard features reduces development time. For example, the TCP/IP package uses BSD sockets. Also, the package includes services such as Web servers, SNMP support, DNS, and Telnet. Plus, there's a wide range of third-party development tools for OSE, like Green Hills' Multi 2000 IDE.

Company OSE Systems Inc.
Web site www.ose.com
Architecture 8-, 16-, and 32-bit
Processor families Over 40, including DSPs, 68xxx, PC, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, C16x, Atmel AVR
Scheduling Priority, preemptive
Messaging Direct message passing
Services Memory management, timers, queues, semaphores
Device drivers Yes
File system Yes
Minimum footprint 6 kbytes
Graphics None
Network OSE TCP/IP, third party
Debugging Serial, JTAG, OSE debugger
Tracing Yes
Royalties Yes
Source code Provided
Languages Assembler, C
Other OSE Gateway, Web server

TAGS: Digital ICs
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