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Software Extends Communications And Digital Filter Design

An enhanced communications library highlights the release of SystemView 4.0, a system-level design tool for DSP and communications applications. The library includes TDMA multiplexor/demultiplexor, OFDM modulation/demodulation, Gold Code Generator, puncture, depuncture, and QAM detector, mapper and demapper models. The RF/analog and DSP libraries also contain new models. The new release provides Simulink integration, enhanced filter design tools, and a new offering of models for communications applications. The new filter design tool enables the designer to enter the desired coefficient bit-width and have SystemView compute the optimal number of taps to implement the filter. This reduces the need to perform further fixed-point optimization of the coefficients. The M-Link option, which permits integration with MATLAB, supports co-simulation and data transfers with Simulink.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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