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Software Integrates Linux On Mainstream DSP

Version 1.2 of Jaluna OSware, Linux Edition for Texas Instruments TMS320C6000 DSP is designed to allow Linux and Texas Instruments’ DSP/BIOS operating system and applications to co-exist and interoperate on a single DSP. With this software, users can create code for multimedia IP devices in which Linux manages all aspects of user interface and network access, while DSP/BIOS simultaneously manages video and audio codecs. New features and capabilities of the software include C++ support (ISO 98), virtual Ethernet for IP stack support on both Linux and DSP/BIOS, virtual console for greater development capability, RTP/RTSP protocol libraries for handling data streams, Linux kernel module support, and compatibility with TI’s Code Composer Studio v3.1. For more details and pricing, call JALUNA, Santa Clara, CA. (408) 730-2640.

Company: JALUNA

Product URL: Click here for more information

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