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SRAM Is Zero-Wait-State DSP Solution

Featuring a 64k x 16 SRAM, a bus repeater, and decoder logic, the IS82C600 TrailBlazer SRAM provides a seamless point-to-point interface with zero-wait-state performance for high-speed DSPs such as the TMS320LC549, TMS320LC5410 and TMS32LC5402. The elimination of wait states is achieved by reducing the load on the DSP's external bus using the bus repeater logic and programmable decoder logic features. The bus repeater enables broadcast of all DSP signals and lets chips such as flash, SRAM, and others to be interfaced to the IS82C600 instead of the DSP. The programmable decoder logic and ready generation logic eliminates the glue logic needed to interface companion chips. This feature can replace two high-speed GALs to reduce overall system costs, it’s claimed.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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