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SRAMs Retain Data Without The Need For Battery Power

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the first products in a family of non-volatile SRAMs (nvSRAMs) that internally store data when power is lost, without the need for a battery. Instead, the nvSRAMs uses a charge on an external capacitor, allowing smaller packages and manufacturing on a low-cost standard PCB assembly process. The RoHS-compliant devices retain data for a minimum of 20 years and feature access times as fast as 25 ns.

The nvSRAMs are available in 3-V, 1-Mbit and 256-kbit and 5-V, 256-kbit, 64-kbit, and 16-kbit versions. The devices are highly scalable, with all of the configurations available in 32- SOIC packages. The 1-Mbit and 256-kbit versions also come in 48-pin SSOPs.

The memories are well-suited for any application requiring continuous high-speed writing of data and absolute non-volatile data security. In RAID applications, the nvSRAMs offer fast data transfer while protecting data integrity in case of power outages. For copiers, the devices deliver fast data access and eliminate the need for a battery. Handheld meters benefit from the data buffering provided by nvSRAMs for fast access to data being uploaded to a server.

The nvSRAMs are currently sampling, with production scheduled for July 2006.

Prices for the 256-kbit device start at under $9.70 in 1000-unit quantities.

Visit www.cupress.com/NVM

TAGS: Digital ICs
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