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Switch Fabric Supports A Myriad Of NetworkProtocols

Billed as the industry's most comprehensive solution for multi-protocol applications, the iScale switch-fabric chipset employs a single architecture, which designers can use to develop a compact switch card that linearly scales in bandwidth from 40 Gb/s to 320 Gb/s. Supporting IP, 10 GB/s Ethernet, synchronous optical, and web switches, configurations range from four to 32 OC-192 ports.
The two-chip set consists of a queue manager supporting two OC-192 or eight OC-48 ports and a crossbar switch that supports data rates to 256 Gb/s. The CX27301 queue manager and the CX27302 crossbar switch come in 680-pin CDBGAs and are priced at $599 per chip/1,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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