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Introduced as a single-chip digital solution for complex point-of-load (POL) power management systems, the TMS320F28044 controller implements up to 16 channels of the company's high-resolution PWM technology, each with 150 ps resolution. Based on the company's fully programmable TMS320C28x 32-bit DSP core, the chip also integrates a high-speed 12-bit ADC, 128 KB of flash memory, and multiple communications ports with support for the PMBus interface. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.

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The programmability of the F28044 controller allows designers to build intelligence into power supply systems and simultaneously manage in real-time the sequencing, margining, phase compensation, and transient response of multiple dc/dc converters. The combined performance of the F28044 and the integrated HRPWM channels provides the full digital loop control and output accuracy necessary at switching frequencies over 1 MHz. Since a single F28044 device performs all of the loop control, sequencing, system management, and communications for up to 16 dc rails, designers can eliminate all of the individual analog converters, standalone sequencing chips, and communications MCUs previously used in complex point of load applications. Further information on the chip can be found at

The F28044 controller is the industry's only device with the ability to manage up to 16 dc/dc converter channels using a single programmable controller with 100 MIPS of DSP performance. At volume pricing, the device provides full digital loop control and system management for as little as $0.32 per channel.

Samples of the F28044 controller are available today with volume production in the first quarter of 2007. Pricing will be as low as $5.00 for high-volume applications.

The TMS320F28044 eZdsp Starter Kit development platform supports the F28044 controller and is available for $495 from TI at The kit includes hardware tools and the company's Code Composer Studio IDE. A dc/dc module that connects to the eZdsp development kit is available for $295 from Tier Electronics at This module is for dual phase-shifted full-bridge topologies. Besides hardware tools, an extensive array of free system and application software is available, including the TMS320C2000 digital power software (DPS) library, which provides reference software for major functions used in a variety of power supply applications. This free, fully documented software is written in optimized C code and is meant to help engineers who are new to digital control of power supplies. It helps them to more easily translate their analog experience into the digital realm. DPS library components available today include 2-phase boost power factor correction (PFC), multichannel dc/dc conversion, and a single-phase dc/ac inverter. The DPS library can be downloaded for free from


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