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Texas Instruments TMS320F2833x DSCs

Announced as the industry's first floating-point digital signal controllers (DSCs), the TMS320F2833x devices provide 300 MFLOPS. performance at 150 MHz. In addition, software development is simplified compared to fixed-point processors. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Houston, TX. (800) 477-8924.
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The F2833x floating-point controllers are expected to increase performance by an average of 50% over the company's previous DSCs, while operating at the same 150 MHz clock rate. Some algorithms, such as a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), will see as much as a 200% improvement over an equivalent 32-bit fixed-point implementation. Overall system bandwidth is also increased with the addition of a 6-channel DMA controller. An on-chip 12-bit, 16-channel ADC operates at 12.5 Msamples/s, claimed as the fastest on-chip ADC of any DSC in the industry. The devices also feature up to 18 PWM channels, six of which include the company's unique high-resolution PWM (HRPWM) technology with 150 ps resolution. Communication interfaces include CAN, I²C, UART, SPI and the company's Multi-channel Buffered Serial Ports (McBSP). (See figure)

Hardware and software development tools, including TI's Code Composer Studio IDE will be available with F2833x controllers. In addition, developers can start programming immediately using any available F28x based eZdsp development tool and IQ Math, TI's "virtual" floating point software library. Software written with IQ Math will automatically run on the F2833x controllers. The devices will also be supported by TI's C2000 Digital Motor Control and Digital Power Supply software libraries. This free, fully documented software aids developers in quickly prototyping a motor control or digital power system using C2000 controllers and can be downloaded at F2833x controllers are fully software compatible with all previous TMS320C28x controllers.

Typical applications for the F2833x controllers include solar power inverters, variable-speed AC drive control and automotive radar.

Samples of the F28335, F28334, and F28332 devices will be available in September 2007 at $19.95, $17.65, and $13.30 each/1,000, respectively. The devices will be fully AEC Q-100 qualified for automotive applications.


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