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TI Audio Processors Outfit Docking Stations

Rounding out the TAS family of audio processors, the TAS3208 and TAS3204 target DTV and MP3 player docking station markets with integrated audio functions and an array of development tools. Both devices are audio-specific DSPs integrating analog data converters and a 135-MHz digital core capable of five simultaneous operations per cycle. Other shared features include a 48-bit data path with a 140-dB dynamic range, single-cycle 76-bit accumulator, and an on-chip microcontroller. Additionally, they support an extensive range of pre-programmed audio functions and advanced audio algorithms. The processors gain further support via third-party virtual surround and 3D expansion algorithms, such as Dolby and SRS. The TAS3208 addresses multiple digital and analog audio source processing requirements for flat-panel TV systems. Analog features include 10 stereo input pairs and three stereo output pairs coupled with a/d converters. The device supports speaker configurations up to 5.1 channels. Targeting the digital music player docking station market, the TAS3204 provides three stereo analog inputs, two stereo analog outputs, and a/d and d/a converters. The device is suitable for bi-amped or 2.1 speaker configurations. For development, PurePath Studio graphical development environment provides a code editor with contextual help facilities, simulator for debugging code, and other tools. Evaluation modules and code development tools are also available. Prices for the TAS3208 and TAS3204 are $5.53 and $5.28 each/10,000, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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