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Tiny Digital Audio Amps Deliver 1 kW/Channel

Miniature intelligent digital audio power amplifier modules have been developed that are capable of outputs up to 1 kW per channel and that eliminate the need for bulky heatsinks. As opposed to a chip-level approach, the amplifier modules are fully functional and self-contained. This is said to eliminate the expertise required to make the components of digital amps work. The modules can be installed directly into receivers, amplifiers and speakers without extensive engineering. In terms of intelligence, the amps are capable of recognizing complex speaker systems and optimizing the sound accordingly, as well as adjusting the sound stage according to the listening room's physical characteristics: vaulted ceilings, large expanses of glass, listener location, etc. A proprietary DSP chip provides the intelligence, as well as performing sound optimization and correction on the audio signals that the module produces. Two amplifiers are available: a 1-kW, 4"x 6" module with seven or eight channels; and a 500W, 3" x 3" amplifier with four channels. D2AUDIO CORP., Austin, TX. (512) 343-9301.

Company: AUDIO CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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