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Tool Speeds Development Of DSP Applications

The Accelera software tool is a graphical, component-based, system-level package designed to speed the development of multiprocessor DSP applications for the firm’s ‘C6202-based products. It’s initially available for the Mosport product line and is intended to reduce overall application development time. The tool is compliant with Texas Instruments’ eXpressDSP (see story above) and to work seamlessly with the Mosport products.Accelera allows developers to quickly optimize and debug multiprocessor DSP applications at the system level. It also enables them to choose the optimum entry point after deciding on performance vs. development complexity tradeoffs. The tool’s modularity lets users pick and choose the level of Spectrum-supplied software in their system. The software features Code Composer Studio plug-ins and will be compliant with eXpressDSP, ensuring DSP software interoperability and reuse. In addition, the tool’s system-level features will add value to code development tools by enabling developers to address system-level optimizations.


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