Electronic Design

Toolkit Facilitates Fixed-Point DSP Development Using Matlab Modeling

Migrating floating-point algorithms to fixed-point platforms got significantly easier for users of the Mathworks' Matlab model-based development environment. Catalytic's Fixed-Point DSP Studio helps designers migrate floating-point algorithms to fixed-point implementations in hardware or software. The resulting Matlab model can then be tested and optimized using Matlab. Studio consists of three components: the Toolbox, the Analyzer, and the Accelerator. The Toolbox implements fixed-point arithmetic and common processor-specific operations, such as multiply with shift and saturate. The arithmetic support matches popular DSPs like those available from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. Processor-specific versions are available. The Analyzer provides analysis, debugging, call graph, and error-reporting tools. The Accelerator can decrease fixed-point and floating-point simulation times by as much as a factor of 10. Pricing for the Fixed-Point DSP Studio starts at $4995.


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