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Totally Digital Audio Solution Enhances Sound Quality

A digital audio solution from Texas Instruments enhances design flexibility for creating digital sound quality in audio systems. With a true digital audio amplifier, this system keeps the audio signal in a digital format from the source to the speaker by integrating TI's Digital Audio Amplifier with DSP technology. Ideal for home-theater in a box (HTIB) systems, it will bring high sound quality to consumer and automotive entertainment devices, like digital headsets, PC and car audio systems, and home audio mini-stereos.

The complete solution is based on hardware and software components available from TI. For applications requiring decoding or additional processing, a programmable TMS320C54X DSP is fortified with a strong portfolio of algorithms for digital audio decoding at the speaker. This lets the host send digital data to the speakers from a CD, DVD, TV, game console, or the Internet. The digital connection avoids the power and signal losses associated with transmitting analog signals in today's audio systems. Dolby Digital, 3D surroundsound, DTS, MP3, and advanced audio coding (AAC) are all supported by the integrated DSP.

For high-quality post-processing applications, the TAS300x family of digital audio processors runs advanced on-chip filtering algorithms to allow on-the-fly configurable parametric equalization and speaker-response correction. To interface with a PC, designers may employ the TUSB3200 multi-channel USB streaming controller.

With the DIR1701 S/PDIF receiver, the audio solution also supports the S/PDIF digital interfacing standard used in consumer systems. This device enables the stable recovery of digital audio data from all S/PDIF sources, including DVD, CD, and MD players.

A final component, the Digital Audio Amplifier, is built on the TAS5xxx chip-set family with equibit technology. It consists of an SMT TAS5000 PWM and two TAS5100 H-bridges. This chip set drives speakers digitally for greater power efficiency. Taking I2S, 44.1- to 96-kHz, and 16- to 24-bit data streams, the PWM processes incoming PCM data into PWM digital. The TAS5100 then converts the PWM signal into the desired digital power level at the speaker terminals. Analog conversion takes place either in the speaker coil itself or through a simple LC filter.

The complete digital audio solution features FCC EMC compatibility. It's supported by full design and testing documentation. The TMS320C54x family of DSPs starts at $5. The TAS3001 digital audio processor costs $1.35, while its higher-performance version, the TAS3002, costs $2.98. The amplifier chip set and TUSB3200 USB interface chip cost $8.95 and $4.89, respectively. And, the DIR1701 S/PDIF receiver costs $2.73. All pricing is for 50,000-unit quantities.

Texas Instruments, 12500 TI Blvd., Dallas, TX 75243-4136; (800) 336-5236; www.ti.com.

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