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Touch Controllers Lower Power In Capacitive Button/Slider/Scroll Apps

Expanding the PureTouch family of low power controllers are the LDS6003, LDS6005, LDS6023, LDS6025, and LDS6028, which target capacitive-touch applications in both mobile and non-mobile designs. The LDS6003 and LDS6005 offer six and 10 touch-sensor inputs, respectively, while the LDS6000 provides 15 inputs. The LDS6023, LDS6025, and LDS6028 offer six, 10, and 15 touch-sensor inputs, respectively, with at least half of the channels dual-configurable as either touch sensors or LED drivers. All members of the family operate from1.8V supplies and consume less than 200 µW in full power mode. Both SPI- and I2C-compatible interfaces are supported via a GPIO and interrupt output. For more information, call LEADIS TECHNOLOGY INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 331-8600.


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