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Transceiver IC First To Combine Multiple Bands And Protocols

Said to be the first multi-protocol, multi-band digital transceiver, the MC13760 is a new software programmable IC that functions over a wide range of input frequencies in multi-band, multi-mode cellular phones, such as GSM/DCS/TDMA/AMPS phones. This mixed-signal device interfaces directly to the company's baseband processors for portable equipment through a common programming and data interface.
The MC13760 features fractional-N synthesizers, a re-configurable zero IF receiver with programmable bandwidth, receive A/D conversion circuitry, a mult-rate data interface to the baseband DSP , direct launch digital modulator, and full transmit support circuits. The device operates at 2.75Vand provides a "deep sleep" mode with drain current a low as 50 µA. The chip employs the company's Advanced RF BiCMOS process to provide a high level of design flexibility through a serial programming interface that reportedly enables development of innovative and cost-effective Digital DNA platform solutions.
General-purpose support circuits, such as D/A and A/D converters, battery save circuit, and tri-state control switches, are also included on the IC. Use of the MC13760 is said to increase design flexibility in the AFC function, since the AFC can be implemented through fine (6.0 Hz) steps of either the on-chip synthesizer or through tuning of the reference crystal frequency. The MC13760 transceiver comes packaged in a 104-pin BGA surface-mount package and is priced at $10.75 each/10,000.


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