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Two Chip Set Delivers V.90 Modem

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The AD1807/AD1804 chipset is claimed as the first to feature tight integration between a highly integrated mixed-signal DSP (the AD1807) and a data access arrangement (DAA) IC (the AD1804). The two chip set provides a complete V.90 Winmodem controller-less modem from the RJ-11 phone jack to the host PCI interface.The AD1807 DSP includes an on-chip voltage regulator that accepts inputs of either 3.3V or 5V. Its capacitive isolation barrier interface allows direct DAA connection. The AD1804 DAA provides worldwide PTT compliance and is said to provide superior V.90 analog line performance. The pair consumes 33% to 25% the power of competing products (about 100 mW during a V.90 connection).

TAGS: Digital ICs
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