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USB Controllers Slash Power Consumption

Creating an industry benchmark, the EZ-USB NX2LP and AT2LP USB-controller families promise to reduce power consumption by up to 50% when compared to similar devices. Both specify a typical current consumption of 50 mA, allowing peripherals to enumerate below the 100-mA, USB-IF bus power specification. The NX2LP, consisting of the CY7C68023 and CY7C68024 controllers, integrates USB 2.0 NAND flash controllers and complies with the Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Specification. The devices support 8-bit NAND flash interfaces and page sizes of 512 KB and 2 KB. Eight chip-enable pins allow the devices to interface with either eight single-device or four dual-device flash chips. Hosting four members—the CY7C68300B, CY7C68301B, CY7C68320, and CY7C68321—the AT2LP family employs fixed-function bridges between one USB port and one or two ATA or ATAPI ports. The bridge complies with the Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport Specification and accommodates bus- and self-powered devices. Additionally, reference-design kits are available for both families. The NX2LP devices are available in lead-free 56-pin QFN packages, while the AT2LP controllers come in lead-free, 100-pin TQFPs and 56-pin SSOPs and QFN packages. CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., San Jose, CA. (408) 943-2600.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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