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VMM Delivers Virtual Protection

VirtualLogix, formally Jaluna, has renamed and repartitioned its virtual machine manager (VMM) software—now available as VLX for Digital Multimedia, VLX for Mobile Handsets, and VLX for Network Infrastructure. This is a new version-of the VLX as well as a rebranding. The digital multimedia targets platforms such as Texas Instruments DSPs, while the network version adds support for the Intel CoreT2 Duo E6400 and T7400 processors, taking advantage of Intel's hardware to allow multiple, unmodified operating systems to run in their own partition. VLX can handle multiple processor-cores with the ability to partition the system so cores are allocated to particular isolated operating systems. This can be used to balance the load as well as maintain fault tolerance. The network version can use up to 64 Gbytes of virtual memory.

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