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VoIP Gateway Resides On A Single Chip

VoIP telephony is coming soon to your cable or DSL line. To help, Texas Instruments' TNETV1060 system-on-a-chip (SoC) VoIP gateway solution addresses the requirements of residential and small-office/home-office (SOHO) gateways.

The chip incorporates TI's TMS320C55x DSP plus an enhanced high-speed MIPS 32 RISC core to deliver the voice-processing and data-routing functions needed in an integrated voice/data gateway (see the figure). Packing all of the key elements on the TVETV1060 chip, including the 10/100 Ethernet MACs and PHYs, greatly reduces the bill-of-material cost and component count. This solution also uses low-cost external SDRAM that allows for scaling of features and applications to support specific requirements.

The 1060 platform incorporates the field-proven Telogy software, which includes pre-integrated industry-standard operating systems (Wind River or Linux) and protocol stacks such as H.323 and the session initiation protocol (SIP). The software facilitates toll-quality voice by including echo cancellation, voice playout with adaptive jitter buffering, tone detection and generation, voice activity detection, and either low-bit-rate or PCM vocoders.

The TNETV1060 costs $18 each in a standard four-voice-channel configuration in 10,000-unit quantities. A software-development system, reference design, and VoIP software are available.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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