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WiMAX Infrastructure Development Platform Uses Power Architecture

Designed to support both fixed and mobile stations, a new WiMAX baseband platform from Freescale Semiconductor provides the essential hardware functionality needed for a first-generation IEEE 802.16-2005 platform in a single Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) form factor. The SPTWIMAXCC1E card uses a gigahertz-performance MPC8555E PowerQUICC III communication processor built on Power Architecture technology for MAC processing. It also incorporates two quad-core MSC8126 500-MHz DSPs based on StarCore technology for Layer 1 PHY processing and an FPGA for time-domain processing. The company's QUICC Engine technology enables network termination, and the AMC form factor supports a variety of interface technologies.

Software shipped with the WiMAX platform includes CodeWarrior development tools and a SmartDSP-OS real-time operating system integrated with peripheral device drivers for Freescale's MSC8126 processor. Customers also can leverage enabling software kernels from Freescale for MAC and PHY processing. AMC card design details including schematics and gerber files are available upon request. The SPTWIMAXCC1E AMC card is available now through Freescale's distribution channel. For more information, visit www.freescale.com.

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