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World's Fastest DSP At 1V?

Claimed as the world's fastest digital signal processor operating at 1V, the turbo-charged DSP 1628 chip runs at 100 MHz in applications such as cellular phones and are suitable for use in packet voice and data transport over wireless phones, higher-speed Internet surfing and video applications, and digital audio broadcast systems. To create this high-performance DSP, the firm turbo-charged an existing DSP 1628 chip used for cellular phones. The gates were shrunk to 0.12 micron by refining the optical lithography approach used to produce various features on today's silicon chips. The novel phase-shifting approach employed here modified how light passes through the mask, which is the master pattern for a silicon circuit, and improved resolution. When powered at 1.5V, the DSP runs at 170 MHz. At 1V, it runs at 100 MHz.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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