Electronic Design

12 V And 24 V PWM Speed Controls Drive PMDC Gearmotors

bodine_0830-AFour stock controls from Bodine Electric provide reliable speed control for low-voltage 12 V (Models 0786 and 0787) or 24 V (Models 0788 and 0789) PMDC gearmotors and motors (up to 1/3 HP/250 W). The controls utilize PWM technology to insure quiet operation, low operating temperature and optimal brush life, and feature five trim pots to adjust min/max speed, torque (current) limit, and acceleration time. In addition, DIP switches allow the user to match a motor/gearmotor to these controls. System speed may be controlled with a single-turn speed pot, or an isolated 0-5 Vdc remote signal. The type WPM low-voltage motor speed controls are useful in portable or remote applications where connection to an AC line is not possible. Typical applications include accessories on electric vehicles, mobile medical equipment, solar powered devices, chemical injection pumps at oil wells and automatic gate openers. Models are available with either ¼-inch quick connect tabs or a plug-in terminal block.

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