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15-µm/Step Microslide Eyes Precision Optics

15-µm/Step Microslide Eyes Precision Optics

A microslide linear actuator developed by Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions offers a resolution that’s capable of 15-µm/step and a maximum load of 13N (3 lb-f). At the heart of the slide is the company’s LS15 15-mm can-stack stepper motor, which requires no complicated controls and can be commanded with a simple pulse-and-direction signal. A lightweight aluminum baseplate houses the lead screw bushing, and is attached to the aluminum motor mounting plate. The microslide measure approximately 22 mm (W) by 25.2 mm (H), and is capable of up to a 64-mm maximum stroke length. It will find homes in applications requiring precision motion in a small footprint, and is optimized for microfluidics and optical positioning.


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