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32-bit MCUs Enable Real-Time Control In Cost-Critical Designs

Delivering real-time control to cost-sensitive applications, the Piccolo series 32-bit TMS320F2802x/F2803x MCUs feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals in package sizes starting at 38-pins. The MCUs can replace multiple electronic components to lower overall system cost while enabling advanced power electronics management. For example, in a variable-frequency air conditioning unit, a single F2802x/F2803x controller can control two three-phase motors as well as perform power-factor correction calculations. They integrate patented, enhanced pulse width modulators that support a frequency modulation down to 150 ps to enable more control over harmonics and reduce sample-to-output delays. Delivering 4.6 MSPS, the devices’ 12-bit ADCs reportedly operate four times faster than comparable MCUs and two on-chip oscillators operating at 10 MHz each specify a ±1% accuracy. Additionally, a simple power architecture eliminates the need for external power ICs and uses a single 3.3V supply with internal regulation down to 1.9V while providing brown-out protection and power-on reset. The first Piccolo MCUs, the F2802x series, will be available for sampling in December and will include 40- to 60-MHz variations, up to 128 KB of flash memory, 12-bit ADCs, PWM, and an array of peripherals. Pricing starts below $2 each in volume. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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