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32-Bit MCUs Target Complex Real-Time Embedded Control Apps

Six new microcontrollers have been developed based on the company's MPC500 MCU architecture that incorporate embedded flash memory and sophisticated on-chip peripherals, making the MCUs strong candidates for use in various avionic, robotic, manufacturing, industrial control and GPS products. The devices include the MPC561, MPC562, MPC563, MPC564, MPC565 and MPC566. Each member of the MPC500 family features a 32-bit RISC core compliant with the PowerPC instruction set architecture. Each also has a floating-point unit. Code compression is available on the 562, 564 and 566 MCUs, which extends the amount of available program space by allowing program code to be compressed by as much as 50%. The MPC565 and MPC566 also incorporate 1MB of embedded flash memory. Divided into two 512-KB blocks, program code can be executed from one block of flash while programming into the other. Multiple on-chip time processor units (TPU) gives the MPC500 family the ability to coordinate many inputs and outputs from sensors, actuators and motors simultaneously. Additional features of MPC500 MCUs include: a 40 or 56 MHz core compliant with the PowerPC instruction set architecture; 26 to 56 KB of SRAM; two A/D converter modules with up to 40 analog input channels; and two to three Controller Area Network (CAN) modules. Hardware and software tools are available for the family to help simplify and shorten development cycles. Pricing for 40-MHz versions in 388-pin BGA packaging is: MPC561, $20.61; MPC562, $23.87; MPC563, $35.62; MPC564, $39.18; MPC565, $50.91; and MPC566, $56.00 each/10K. MOTOROLA SPS, Austin, TX. (512) 895-2000.


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