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75-V Current-Sensing MOSFET Highlights TrenchFet Family

The SUM series temperature- and current-sensing TrenchFETs, including what the company claims is the first 75-V current-sensing MOSFET, are available in a thermally enhanced D2PAK package. The 30- to 75-V TrenchFETs are designed for any application requiring temperature or current sensing, including motor drives and valve drives. They also target industrial and automotive applications, including door modules, EPS, and 12- or 42-V Powernet systems in cars. The temperature-sensing function of the SUM series devices allows the MOSFET to shut down circuitry before extreme temperature causes circuit malfunction or damage. Also, the current-sensing diode lets the MOSFET shut down circuitry when it detects excessive current, as in the case of a stalled motor or short circuit. With the D2PAK, the devices offer very low thermal resistance for this package type. With no increase in footprint, the new TrenchFETs provide thermal resistance up to 33% lower than standard D2PAKs. The devices also boast up to 20% higher current-handling capability and up to 50% higher power dissipation compared to standard D2PAKs. Maximum on resistance is as low as 4.5 m‡. The SUM TrenchFETs range in price from $0.72 to $2.14 in 100,000-piece quantities. Lead time is 10 to 12 weeks for larger orders.

Vishay Siliconix
www.vishay.com; (610) 644-1300

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