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90W Pancake Motors Live Long, Ride Low

With a 90-mm diameter and measuring 29.1 mm in height, the EC 90 series 90W, brushless pancake motors are electronically commutated to ensure long motor life. The motors integrate Hall effect sensors to generate the commutation signal. They provide a maximum continuous torque output of 55.6 oz.-in. with a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm. The motors weigh in at 648g and operate in temperatures ranging from 40°C to 100°C. Their low profile and high torque make them suitable for use in automation and packaging equipment, pick-and-place machines, robotics, and pumps. Control electronics are also available. For further information and prices, contact MAXON PRECISION MOTORS INC., Burlingame, CA. (800) 865-7540.


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