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Absolute Encoder Integrates MUIC

Simplifying synchronization to revolution-count modules, the AEAS-7000 plug-and-play absolute encoder interfaces to the AEAT-86AD counting module to form what is considered the industry's first 125 C multi-turn absolute encoder that includes a module integrator chip (MUIC). The combo yields a complete absolute-encoder system in a package measuring 55 mm in diameter with a body height of 53 mm, capable of reducing component counts from approximately 120 to as few as four. Via the plug-and-play feature, it eliminates the need for multiple alignment adjustments, reducing design cycles by as much as 50%. The AEAT-86AD is available in four versions: the AEAT-86AD-LASC0 and AEAT-86AD-LASF0 with 12- and 14-bit binary outputs, respectively, and the AEAT-86AD-LCSC0 and AEAT-86AD-LCSF0 with 12- and 14-bit gray-code outputs, respectively. The 14-bit units count up to 16,384 revolutions while the 12-bit components count up to 4,096. The AEAS-7000 provides single-turn position resolutions from 13 to 16 bits and the AEAS-7000/AEAT-86AD combination delivers overall resolutions from 25 to 30 bits. Price for a 30-bit pair is $158 each/100. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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