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Absolute Encoders Stand Up To Abuse

Especially suited to severe EMI and physical environments, a series of multiplexed, scaleable absolute encoders converts up to 16 shaft inputs to BCD or binary corresponding directly to shaft angle with an accuracy of ±1 pt. in 3600. The shaft transducer is a highly reliable resolver, freeing the system from deficiencies such as limited-life brushes, light sources, brush noise, ambiguities and limited resolution normally associated with conventional optical or mechanical encoders. Channel selection is via a binary address and any output scale factor desired can be provided. Simple cable runs of up to 1000 feet between the transducers and electronics package can be used. Package dimensions are 4.5" x 7.25" x 1.5" and power is 5 or ±15 vdc if the internal power supply option is not selected.


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