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Absolute Linear Electric Encoder Taps Innovative New Technology

Comprised of an electrically-excited patterned scale and a read head that responds to the electric field flux generated by the scale, this innovative absolute linear electric encoder is said to provide a non-contacting absolute output virtually free of speed/resolution tradeoffs to 10 m/s. And the encoderÕs DC sine and cosine output signalsÑtypically under 1 kHzÑare also said to be easily handled and protected from RFI/EMI. Other encoder features include a high resolution (to 10 nm) and accuracy (to less than 10 µm), low power dissipation (as low as 100 µW), and a Ð20¡C to 125¡C operating temperature range. For more details and pricing, contact NETZER PRECISION MOTION SENSORS LTD., Houston, TX. (713) 661-3833.


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