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AC Drive Module Delivers Up To 20 HP

A sensorless flux-vector software-based control system capable of four-quadrant speed and torque control is at the heart of the DriveBlok and integrated drive module for ac induction and brushless dc motor applications. Capable of providing up to 20 hp, the module offers an array of performance and programmable control features such as 250% starting torque, 0.2% speed recognition, 1.5 ms torque response, and 100:1 constant torque speed range. Measuring just 4.6" x 5.6" x 1.7", the module packages a 100A, three-phase IGBT inverter, bridge rectifier, a 15W power supply, current sensing, protection logic, and high-performance microprocessor-based control. Applications include conveyer systems, polishing, grinding, punch press, roll feeds, and machine spindle control.


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