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AC Motors Deliver 200W In A Small Package

The BH Series of ac motors combine a high output power of 200W in a small package and produce between 167 and 215 oz.-in. of torque at about 1,500 rpm in both single-phase and three-phase round shaft models. Terminal box and cable clamp models are also available. When combined with the company's parallel shaft gearhead, the gearmotor models develop up to 347 lb.-in. of running torque. Eleven gear ratios ranging from 3.6:1 to 180:1 are available with all BH Series models. Gearmotor shaft speeds range from approximately 10 rpm to 500 rpm, while input voltage and frequency for single-phase models is 110 Vac to 115 Vac or 220 Vac to 230 Vac and 50 Hz or 60 Hz input. These motors draw 1.5A or 3A at rated load conditions. Motor current for the three-phase models drops to between 0.95A and 1.1A with a 200 to 230 Vac and 50 Hz or 60 Hz input. The combined weight of the motor and gearhead is 18 lbs.


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