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Actuators Offer Proportional And Bi-Directional Motion Control

Said to develop constant force in proportion to excitation current over relatively long stroke lengths, the VM series voice-coil actuators, in contrast to conventional solenoid actuators, provide a longer stroke with constant force throughout the stroke. This results is more compact, lower-cost and more efficient motion control designs.
The actuators deliver a peak force up to 60N over a 10-mm stroke. By providing a force that is proportional to the operating current, the actuators are intended for applications needing controlled movement combined with low noise or low impact. They also meet the requirements for processes where force or positioning requires precise control such as valve actuation, optical systems or robotic applications.
There are four voice-coil actuators in the VM series range. The low-end VM2618- 070 weighs 55g and delivers 10N of force over a 4-mm stroke length, in an 18-mm package. The larger VM5036-1800 weighs 445g and offers up to 60N of force over a 10-mm stroke length in a 36-mm package. Prices start at $40 each/1,000 pieces for the VM2618-070.


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