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All-Digital Servoamplifiers Propel Motor Drive Power To 3.2 kW

The panel-mounted Accelus all-digital servoamplifiers drive brushless linear and rotary motors with 3.2-kW output power. Five standard versions are available, including three models rated for 90-V operation and two models rated for 180-V operation. The 90-V amplifiers cover power levels from 3 A continuous at 9-A peak to 12 A continuous at 36-A peak (3.2 kW). The two 180-V versions deliver 3A continuous at 9-A peak and 6 A continuous at 18-A peak (3.2 kW), respectively. All work with the company's CME-2 programming software, which eliminates the need for potentiometers, resistors, and capacitors previously required for manual amplifier-motor tuning. The servoamps provide sinusoidally commutated drive and control of high-power linear and rotary motors in robotics, machine tools, winding equipment, and other automation systems. The Accelus servoamplifiers cost between $395 and $445 each, depending on voltage and power rating.

Copley Controls Corp.
www.copleycontrols.com; (781) 828-8090

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